Prana Festival

Krista Cahill

In 1999 Krista began practicing Ashtanga Yoga- as taught by Sri. K Pattabhi Jois. Years later & by great fortune, Krista was led to Master-Teacher Maty Ezraty. Maty influenced Krista to approach daily practice from the subtle body, rather than gross anatomy. A teaching that deeply influences the course taken each day, on & off the mat. Krista continues to study and to be mentored by Maty. Upon Maty’s recommendation Krista traveled to Italy in 2015 to study with Dona Holleman. Dona’s method is called ”Centered Yoga”.Dona’s teachings are inspiring new and untapped avenues of growth. Much gratitude and respect for her teachings Krista’s classes reflect all three of her main influences, and are for anyone open to creative exploration.Krista asks students to be curious to let go of pretenses & to embrace inner-exploration.Krista understands Yoga as a healing art and spiritual discipline, “ you don’t learn to be intuitive—you already are”. Yoga is remembering we are constantly under Construction— there is infinite room for learning and creative expression. This practice intends to provoke us & to inspire the bigger questions triggering one’s own awakening…the truth is-It is never complete, it is never finished, it’s infinite.


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09:00 - 10:00 YOGA - Deep shoulder work

Placing attention on our body brings us awareness, and from awareness we receive information.
What do you understand about the body? For example, what do you think or feel you know about shoulders? The body is in constant evolution... what you knew about your shoulders yesterday is possibly irrelevant for today. How can we read and be present in the now? Perhaps, unclogging the shoulders is as much about the physical as a mental release....? The only way we get truly empowered is by remaining in our curiosity and humor. Observing and becoming the witness to the moment- each day we arrive in a unique energy, this is giving us an ever-evolving view of our status.
A practice of range of motion, mobility, stabilization, and strength.
Plank, Chaturanga, Downward Facing Dog, Dolphin and Danurasana.

15:30 - 16:30 YOGA - Space

I love the feeling of inner space. Elongated intervertebral space, freedom in the shoulder and hip joints, and possibly the most important, mental spaciousness.

Easy stretches and breathing help us to reconnect to our original form— a tension free landscape, where we feel the ease and flow of the most subtle aspects of ourselves.

This will be a place to unwind, explore and relax. After gentle stretches and recovery breathing we will take a much needed deep pause for meditation and reflection.


10:30 -11:30 YOGA - Yin/Yang Lumbar

Forward to stretch and backward to strengthen. The lower back AKA the Lumbar is happiest when it is in a balanced state of strength and flexibility.

This practice will achieve both as we move into— and out of backwards, and forwards rotations.

Perfect for all levels, and anyone who is looking for a slow moving, simple, classical yoga-practice.