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Josefine Bengtsson

Josefine loves to spend her days barefoot playing in the nature, breathing on her yoga mat, and seated in meditation. For years she has been living like that, teaching hundred of yoga retreats in Sweden and all over the world, now under the name The Soul Space.

Coming from a background of Stockholm School of Economics and a work as a strategy consultant, a life driven by the mind – Josefine is now fully dedicated to guide you into your body, heart, and soul. She has devoted her life to understand herself and others by diving deeply into the aspects of yoga, meditation and also into the more let go practices of Osho. In her practice and classes she is mixing and matching both worlds in a playful yet deep way. She is a total believer that the controlling aspect of yoga can provide us with the courage to eventually jump and let go – start living from our true essence.

Instgram: josefinesyoga


09:00 -10:00 YOGA - Soul FLow

In SOUL SLOW, we have the Vinyasa yoga as a base, but we are letting go of performance, perfection, and the pursuit of attaining a future goal to instead completely arrive into our bodies – letting go of the outside for a while. Yoga can sometimes be perceived a bit strict, which may be nice but it can also lead to an over controlling behavior of our bodies and that we get lost in the area of performance anxiety. To really melt inside, we will explore using blindfolds as we allow different types of music to guide us inside. All in all, during the class we will mix and match traditional yoga with other exciting techniques - and of course in a playful way