Prana Festival
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Krista Cahill

In 1999 Krista began practicing Ashtanga Yoga- as taught by Sri. K Pattabhi Jois. Years later & by great fortune, Krista was led to Master-Teacher Maty Ezraty. Maty influenced Krista to approach daily practice from the subtle body, rather than gross anatomy. A teaching that deeply influences the course taken each day, on & off the mat. Krista continues to study and to be mentored by Maty. Upon Maty’s recommendation Krista traveled to Italy in 2015 to study with Dona Holleman. Dona’s method is called ”Centered Yoga”.Dona’s teachings are inspiring new and untapped avenues of growth. Much gratitude and respect for her teachings Krista’s classes reflect all three of her main influences, and are for anyone open to creative exploration.Krista asks students to be curious to let go of pretenses & to embrace inner-exploration.Krista understands Yoga as a healing art and spiritual discipline, “ you don’t learn to be intuitive—you already are”. Yoga is remembering we are constantly under Construction— there is infinite room for learning and creative expression. This practice intends to provoke us & to inspire the bigger questions triggering one’s own awakening…the truth is-It is never complete, it is never finished, it’s infinite.


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09.00 - 10.10 YOGA - Master class

Classic flow building heat and intensity in the vinyasa style. A variety of asana including twists, arm balance, backbends, and leg stretching. The goal is not to do asanas, the asanas distracts us... like a candy, the true goal is becoming fully present- tapping into who you are & what you are feeling from the foundation of your practice. This is a practice which requires Mastery and Longevity.

15.30 - 16.40 YOGA - Twisting and Side Extending

Our everyday requires us to twist and preform repetitive movements, such as walking, this builds a slightly uneven tension in the spinal column. One fantastic way to release and explore this is in side extension movements. The sides of our Lumbar spine are some of our most vulnerable spinal structures and to experience high quality health and vitality we need to create the experience for ourselves both strength and mobility. As a core toning and lumbar therapy focused class many asanas will have options to add arm balance for any who want flight.