Prana Festival

Greta Gröndahl

Greta is a bright, adventurous and grounded student of life who believes strongly in exploration, connection and self-discovery for oneself and one another. She is a 400 hr yoga teacher, massage and sound therapist. She has been teaching all different variations of yoga styles/forms (Hatha, Ecstatic flow, Vinyasa, Yin, Shakti flow..) for over 5 years in more than 10 different countries all over the world and believes that everything is growing from the same seed, love. Her service is to share love and be a support on peoples journeys towards a more conscious, alive and loving life.

As a teacher she is honored to meet her students where they are at and walk the path from there. She teaches with care in a safe, fun, and inspiring way. Greta like to guide people out from their comfort zone, that allows people to expand and free themselves from old imprints, habits or things that no longer serves them. To get in contact with their vibrant self and practice to move from that space on and outside the mat in our everyday life.

Her goal with teaching yoga is for people to come as they are and leave with a little bit more joy in their hearts. She would be very glad to meet you, share the knowledge she have been gifted by her teachers and to express her own playful wisdom with everyone at Prana Festival.
Facebook: gretayoga

Instagram: Yogaholico


09:00 - 10:00 YOGA/DANCE - Ecstatic yoga dance journey

Awaken to our true potential with dynamic yoga movements, ecstatic music and dance. Connecting with our breath in a rhythmic, creative and uplifting way.

This is a class where we combine Yoga with Ecstatic dance.
With encouragement for you to explore and get to know parts of your body and yourself that easily might be hidde, ashamed or blocked out of fear.

In this class we come together and hold space for each other to go on an explorative inner adventure. We practice to find our creative authentic self within; using flowing motions to open up our heart, body, and mind to release tension, unnecessary imprints or stuck patterns that are limiting us from tapping into our inner fire and be our true selves.

This flow involves a lot of liberating movements, with main focus on our hips, belly, and the heart expansion as we celebrate being alive with laugher, play, sweat and tears. We welcome and celebrate it all!


12:00 - 13:10 YOGA- Yinyogalicious

Lets move into a cave of reflection and dive within the sweetness of our inner nectar.
We spend so much time focusing on the external world and we tend to easily get stuck in what has already been or in worry of what might be coming. Here is an opportunity for you to come into the present moment, to truly invite yourself to listen and to move within.
The practice of yin yoga awakens the subtle energy in the body, it ́s a beautiful gateway to a steady and stable meditation practice that many of us can have a hard time finding.
An opportunity to fully be in stillness in your body so that we safely and with ease can explore what is moving within us.

We are holding the yoga postures for a longer period of time (3-7minutes) with assistant of massage and healing sounds.
If you are feeling that you need more grounding, softening, care, gentleness and de-stress in your everyday life, this will be a huge step forward for you to connect with that.

Bliss yourself out, while releasing tension with your delicate movements, which will improve flexibility in body, mind and soul as we with the postures lengthen our muscles, connective tissues and let expansion take place.