Prana Festival

Questions and answers

Questions and answers

Where is the festival located?

The festival is in the The Garden Society which is located in the centre of Gothenburg. It’s just a 200 meters walk from the Centralstation/trainstation.

Dressing Room

There are no dressing rooms at the festival area. If you have the opportunity, it´s best to arrive in yoga clothes.

Bad weather

The yoga classes outside will be in a tent. If it’s good weather we won’t have any walls on the tent, but if it rains we will use the walls.

No money but still want to participate?

We’re offering free yoga classes. You can’t pre-book a ticket, the tickets will be relesed one hour before each class.

Tip what to bring

Water bottle, warm clothes, and yoga mat.


You will get your tickets when you arrive to the festival at the informationdesk. (The informationdesk is in a tent which is located in the middle of the festival area).

Food and drinks

You can either buy food from the foodtrucks right beside the festival area or at the restaurant in Trädgårn. The restaurant is also serving ecological beer and wine.


It has been about 17 degrees in september for the past 10 years, but it can be a bit cold so bring an extra jacket/sweater.


Toilets are inside at Trädgårn and around the festival area.

Opening hours

The festival is open from 08.30 – 22.00 on Saturday and 08.00-19.00 on Sunday.

Is the ticket personal?

Yes, it’s personal.


We recommend you to park at Heden or the parkinghouse at Kompassen.


Animals are not permitted at the festival, please leave your pets at home.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

No it’s forbidden.


You have to leave your bike outside the festival area.


It’s forbidden to barbeque in The Garden Society.

Can I bring my kids and family?

Yes, to the park, but not the festival area.

Can I bring my camera to the festival area?

Yes, it’s okay to take photos in the festival area.