Prana Festival


Yoga – Functional training – High intensity training – Kettlebells – Meditation – Movement- Running – Dance –Lectures – Crossfit  –

Self-defense – Pilates 

On the 28th-29th of September Åby Areana will be transformed into an inspiring festival area for everything health and fitness. With more than 100 classes and lectures, 40 exhibitors, food trucks and a juice bars,the result is nothing short of a festival for fitness enthusiasts.

A strong mind in a strong body and a heart filled with compassion.

At this active city festival we increase our vitality through physical activity, intellectual stimulation and heartfelt connection. Prana festival 2019 offers you the knowledge, skills and visdom of an amazing group of teachers, lecturers and instructors from Gothenburg, Sweden, Europe and the United States.

An association of heavy players

We present our partners in April


A barrier-breaking health and wellness festival in the name of social sustainability in the very heart of Gothenburg.



Our vision is to create a unique training experience.


Our mission is to get people to become healthy well-being and to stimulate a positive social development.


Our goal is to become Europe’s largest festival in active training and health.