Prana Festival

Food trucks

Food is just fuel?
Some may eat in order to have the strength to train and compete.
Or we can eat because it is soooo good.
Whatever your motivation, we have the solution.
At Pranafestival 2018 we boast with having 5 gastronomic  magicians in a dedicated food truck area.
See their menus below and start salivating.


Poké & Healthy

Poké & Sunt serves healthy Hawaiian Streetfood with inovative flavors.


– Poké Bowls, a Hawaiian signature dish that will make your taste buds come alive again

– Spicy Shoyu Salmon, served on a bed of rice and salad with different decorations.

– Ahi Tuna, served on a bed of rice and salad with different decorations.

– Coconut Crusted Prawns, served on a bed of rice and salad with different decorations.

Of course there are also vegetarian and vegan options.


Rollin’ Bistros


– Poke Bowl
Hawaiian Surfer Food
Organic black rice, pickled vegetables, soybeans, half a avocado, ginger, our chili mayo.
Nuts & soya on the side

– Udon Ramen Bowl
Japanese Noodle Soup
Japanese udon noodles in a rich broth, Asian balls, topped with creamy egg & spring onion

– Bombay Bowl
Vegan curry, served with haram masala bread, black echo rice, mango chutney, spinach, cucumber & coriander

– Heart’s juice
Organic lemonade
Fresh fruit shakes
Raw balls

We’re killing your hunger


– Raw taco bowl

– Moderately wraps

– Lentil soup with seed bread

– Overcrowded oats

– Baked breakfast oat

– Smoothies

– Healthy gofika

We do not use any refined sugar or salt. For us it is obvious to use organic and fair trade as far as possible.
To save as much as possible on the environment, you get a 10% discount if you bring your own glass / bowl when you buy smoothie, hot drink or soup.


Jammin Jamaican Soulfood

We are a foodtruck that serves Jamacian food. The chief of Orlando is born and raised in Jamaica. Our food is made from scratch with all the jamican spices and flavors that take you overseas to the island right away.


– Caribbean salad with mango, black eyed peas and feta cheese topped with our own butternut pumpkin crisps (Gluten Free)

– Lovely jerk qourn, right from the grill. Served with coconut or our own sweet potato chips and a delicious vegetable salad (Gluten Free)

– Jamaican lentils on coconut and pepper bread, on a crispy salad bed, topped with chili mayo and mango sauce. (Vegan, lactose free and milk protein free)

– Fried Halloumi wrap, with crispy vegetables, coconut flakes and our home made mango / chili sauce

– Snackbag our own sweet potato chips with fried halloumi topped with coconut flakes. (Gluten free)



KaffeLuckan is a custom-built Italian retro moped that offers a complete espresso bar under the specially designed gauges. Visitors have a good espresso, latte, cappuccino, etc. or tea on the left and something a little tasteful to it.
Obviously, we meet all the requirements of the Environment and Health, as well as using only Krav- and Fairtrade-labeled coffee beans.


– Espresso
– Caffè Latte
– Cappuccino
– Americano
– Macchiato
– Cortado
– Hot chocolate
– Chai latte
– Tea

– Italian pastries
– Muffins (gluten / lactose free)
– Chocolate piece (70%)
– Biscotti
– Rawballs

"Tell my what you eat and I will tell you who you are"