Prana Festival


2017 we had five food trucks inside the festival area. Below presented food trucks and menus


Rollin Bistro

Rollin Bistros Food Trucks & Catering serves Street Food cooked with seasonal produce goods with inspiration from all over the world.
We travel every year to different parts of the world to bring home the flavors and inspiration and create boost food – fresh & energetic food with lots of flavor! Rollin Bistro has two food trucks on Prana Festival



Stoked Bahn Mi
-Vietnamese Street food-
Kimchee marinated pork cooked slowly with garlic, and sesame seeds, served in a toasted tortilla bread with mayo 7-spices, fresh coriander and pickled radish, carrot.

Bombay Bowl Veg / Vegan
-Indian Street food-
Chick peas masala on butternut, chilli, ginger, coconut milk, fresh spinach, bulgur wheat, coriander, cucumber, yogurt, served with freshly baked liba bread

African Butternut Roll
-African Street food-
Roasted butternut cumin, crushed coriander seeds, green slaw


Burrito Bros

Burrito Bros. Food Truck serves spicy burritos with nutritious and hearty ingredients.



Taste burritos in bread or toast with a base of rice, fresh chili, bean stew with chopped tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and exciting spice mixes. Then select a sweet and sour chicken or a vegan soy mince and top with your favorite dressing. Everything served an gluten- and lactose-free.


Frill – The Frozen Smoothie

We have made it! After several years of development work we now can offer fruit, berries and vegetables in a creamy form of Ice cream – without sugar, sweetener or fat. Frill only contains the sugar from the fruits and berries in the Ice cream. Thereby it only contains half the amount of sugar as regular Ice cream. Frill is also vegan and gluten free. In short only tasty, ripe berries and vegetables with preserved vitamins and fibers. Eat Frill whenever you want – you can eat it as breakfast, snack or dessert!



Bursting Berries
– 65% berries and fruit, 11% fibers. Blackberry, blueberry, raspberry and strawberries.

Refreshing Green
– 57% vegetables and fruit, 10% fibers. Fresh basil, celery and spinach mixed with freschly squezzed apple juice, frozen mango and pine apple, some lemon and mint. Avocado and macadamians make the Ice cream creamy.

Intense Chocolate
– 27% cocoa and dates, 12% fibers. A creamy, dark loveliness. Tastes like chocolate mousse.



Filipinofusion is Gothenburgs only Philippin restaurant. We make Philippine dishes with a twist from organic and near produced products. Our dishes are vegan but you can add protein like shrimps, chicken, oumph or tofu if you would like. We believe in treating your body as a tempel, load with good an clean energy.



Pancit – glass noodles wok, cucumber, sugar peas, ginger dressing, shrimps/oumph and pomegranate

Adobo – chicken/tofu skewer with sweet potato salad, avocado, chard, atchara

Acai bowl – banana, raspberry, strawberry, buckwheat, amaranth, coconut and homemade granola

"Tell my what you eat and I will tell you who you are"